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About Us

We are located in Fryeburg, Maine.

Thats right next to the white mountains.

Our location gives us a lot to offer for activities.
But our main focus is on the community around us. 

Meet The Team

Rev. David & Lucy 

Rev David and Lucy Reed have been our Lead Pastors since September 30, 2012. Rev. David grew up in the Northern Maine, and Lucy right in the Fryeburg area. They attended Zion Bible College in Rhode Island.

With a "heart of child" themselves; Rev. David and Lucy have revolutionized our church reaching out to "kids" of all ages. They have been apart of children's crusades in the early part of their ministry. We, as a church, have seen the evidence of this in the church with awesome puppet shows that they have performed during kids sunday services.

Rev David and Lucy treat church members as more than just people, but as family. This is evident in the way that they are teaching the church to treat and love their community.

Rev David and Lucy have a heart for our community and people in it.


Preacher Dave & Ashley

Dave and Ashley Albert have been the youth pastors/worship leader at Fryeburg Assembly since August 2009. Dave grew up in South Jersey. While Ashley in northwest Missouri. They attended Faith Bible College International. 

There is no doubt that the Alberts have a love for young people and want to see this young generation learn how to cultivate a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. They love to have fun with the teens while also teaching them to stand on their own in a world where they are told God is Dead.

They understand that every teen comes from different backgrounds and beliefs, but wants to show them that there is a God who loves and cares for them.

In a world where there seems to be no truth and no hope, there is a living God. 

David & Sue


David and Sue are our snow bird pastors. They split their time with us and Florida.  

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