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NLCA ministry of Fryeburg AG was established in 1982.


Our mission:

To glorify God by providing quality, Christ-centered education, dedicated to developing students who are spiritually, personally, and academically prepared to impact their world.




A.C.E. is designed to let the student independently work at their own level in each subject. 
The student works in PACEs (work packets) with a supervisor/monitor present to help when needed.

4 Day Week

Students attend school a Monday through Friday, a 4 day school week.

We follow the public school closures for our snow days.


We provide an affordable Christian education. We automatically put families on a 10 month payment plan for the years tuition and curriculum which is due at the first of the month. There is a discount given for the 2nd student and 3rd student for families. 


The older students work hard through the school year to attend a convention in the spring. There they participate in many different areas to show off their God given talents and skills. It can be anything from sports, public speaking, painting, wood work, music, any many other things.

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